if a man stands
next to his past
will he know it
does he have
such a keen eye
as to see his past
or will he continue
to look to the future
not seeing today
or yesterday
just the mirage
of an oasis
in the distance


28 thoughts on “perspective….

  1. A man standing next to his past will perceive the past to be an oasis, the present a mirage, and the future a … (camel comes to my mind now :-))) ), well, let’s just say, a wrought iron gate through which you can perceive something that looks like the Gardens of Shalimar… though if you close one eye, it starts looking a bit like Vegas on a Monday morning and with a hangover.

  2. This is such a beautiful poem to read this morning when I woke up. Thank you for all your encouraging comments on my blog. I apologize for being so neglectful of getting over here to leave comments. I get to read everything in my blog surfer, but the computer is usually taken away by the kiddos before I can spend quality time to leave comments.
    see ya!

  3. Sounds nice, but the past is gone, done, dead. We can’t bring it back except in poems. All we have is the future and change.

    without change
    there is no improvement
    there is no hope
    there is no future

    Plan for change

  4. Beautiful poem. You are really a genius churning out one poem after the other. You’ve so beautifully captured the past, the present and the future. I am lucky I found your blog.

  5. I like future being the mirage of an oasis in the distance. I’ve been listening a lot to Eckhart Tolle lately and so that really hits home.

  6. loved it!

    past is past, but it holds lessons for the keen to engage the present and to prepare for the future. it’s such a shame that many of us live in the past when we’re not going there anymore…

  7. Brilliant poem!!!
    I think it’s our own choice which path we will choose. Considering the past can sometimes stop us from multiplying our mistakes. However, it seems that the further future it is, it becomes more and more distorted in our minds…

  8. Just great. One of my favorites of yours, as a poem, strictly speaking. It doesn’t have all the “social” implications of some others – it’s more philosophical. Why am I typing this? You already know this… 🙂

  9. Such a simple but deep and lasting look at the idea of humanity and the illusion of what we think is real.

    Very interesting. Good job!

  10. So well put in such few words ! The question is, will man be capable enough of using his past into his present, so as to make a future worth standing by ? I wish…

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