speed trap…

wouldn’t it be something
if cops could give you a warning ticket
for being stupid in life
if you fell in love
with the wrong person
they’d pull you over on a date
and say
excuse me…but this person
is just using you
until they find someone else
with more
money, sex appeal, fame
or whatever
they’re going to dump you
so you’re being cited for failing to stop
at one of life’s many misery signs
or they’d pull you over and say
i’m sorry
but i have to cite you for speeding
speeding through your child’s youth
ignoring precious moments
for personal gain
and believing that work is more important
than anything
or they’d give you a ticket for failing to yield
saying to you in a deep voice
but you failed to yield when you knew
you were dead wrong
but  out of pride
you continue to profess
your justification for actions
or they’d say
didn’t you notice the warning sign
about the end of the road over there
are you feeling any chest pains
shortness of breath as i give you this ticket
please recall
he says
when you collect enough points
your license


29 thoughts on “speed trap…

  1. Most people, if given that warning ticket, would look at it in amazement first, turn it from one side to the other, and then throw it into the nearest garbage can. I so hate it when people say “You have to hit your own head against the wall to gain experience”. I disagree – completely. Just refraining from a life of eyes wide shut would be more than enough to avoid the wall-head-ouch episodes. Then again, what if you hit the wall, shatter it to the pieces with the impact, and discover something marvelous beyond it, something which you hadn’t come across if your head and the wall hadn’t interacted in a magnetic way? 😉 Charles, I may have said this before, but I’ll reiterate: You’re GOOD!!!!

  2. Very interesting. The applications can go in so many different directions! It sure would be something if we could avoid those negative experiences; especially the powerful ones, but then how would we ever learn? And watch out for that great “revoking” day.

  3. This is something that we could all use. Sometimes we ignore the warning signs, or just can’t seem to humble ourselves and do what is right….only to regret it later. I like your abstract way of thinking and your ability to shed light on the things we like to ignore. Great poem.

  4. clever thoughts,
    I know what it feels like when the police gives you a warning when he finds out that he has wronged you…

    insightful poem!
    Keep up the excellence,
    Happy Friday!

  5. That was amazing. As long as warning tickets do not incur hidden surcharges… never mind. Seriously, a very creative way to point out things that are important.

  6. Love the poem-makes me think of my fav movie, Groundhog’s day. What if we’re all really living the same life over & over…slowly learning. Kinda interesting to imagine that maybe all these things we’ve learned in this life we could implement in the next. Would our lives really be much different another time around? Heck, maybe this life is already 10 times better compared to our last? Maybe the people who we shoouldn’t have loved in this life were mild compared to the ones we did last time around?! (and no I’ve not been smoking while writing this post!) 🙂

  7. I thought I had commented on this yesterday – Evidently I failed to, so I’ll say it today.
    I really enjoyed this poem, The concept and the ideas – even down to the form and the flow of the poem. Humorous too! 🙂

  8. This poem is very creative… in thought and word. I really enjoyed reading it and thinking about the concept of warnings… how we receive them, how we ignore them, or how we respond to them. Anyway, not to go on about it, but keep writing poetry like this! It is very good!!!
    And thanks for dropping by my blog… appreciate that too.
    Lesley-Anne Evans

  9. What a great idea, to have a cop like that in life, or just a relative cop who will keep an eye on your son or daughter:)

  10. I really liked this poem. It was pretty spectacular. I mean its a great idea that you went with. I mean most poems are either centered around a theme or just explicitly in your face, granted there’s a few other variations. But you took a central theme [life] and hid it under another central theme that really had not much to do with what the poem was REALLY about. So bravo. it’s very spectacular, and something that is not easy to do 🙂 i wonder where all your inspiration comes from.

  11. a damn fine notion, yr idea.
    I’m wondering that readers must slow and yield to putting down all reactions to yr work here.
    thanx for yr supportive comments on my blog, by the way.
    Keep on, friend.

  12. Others have said it, but I’ll engage in repetition: fantastic concept. I have quite a few of those tickets stashed away in my glove compartment because I certainly don’t heed the warnings from the police officers of my better judgement. And I know I’ll collect more later.

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