he ain’t gonna change…

i have been watching that old nebraska farmer for years
that old man ain’t gonna change
when i said that there’s a stop sign on that corner now
he said
i was here before the stop sign
his whole existence  reminds me of black elk speaks
and if you ain’t read it
get on the web honey
cuz i ain’t got time to walk you through it
just trust me
it’s worth the time
as i was saying
this old fool keeps doing
the same old thing
like he was part of the federal government
each year we have a drought
each year he digs the well deeper
like he was borrowing money for a war
from some foreign government
just to keep his hemp crop growing
well i tried to tell him
hemp ain’t used for rope no more
but he won’t listen
and he just keeps digging the well deeper
making a hemp ladder to get him to the bottom of the well
and when the feds showed up
to talk to him
he was gone
i saw a hemp rope at the well
and a hell of-a-lot of smoke
but it’s none of my business
things gotta change

This poem was inspired by John at http://everchangingperspective.wordpress.com/

11 thoughts on “he ain’t gonna change…

  1. Great piece, Charles! Aren’t we all digging wells, thrusting deeper into the darkness each day? I was reminded of Nietzsche here: “Don’t glare too closely into the abyss, because it might just glare back at you”…

  2. This is quite nice(:
    The character speaking and his dialect is what got me- though I’m quite sure that I can’t recognize it.

    Also, at some points, the poem stepped out of its boundaries and addressed the reader very directly- which was somewhat disturbing (both to me as a reader and to the poem, I think).

    All the same, I enjoyed the poem and thank you for it.

  3. great needle work and I mean that in at least two senses.

    with this audio I feel like I am gettin over on the man coming here for free .
    I hope I dont get some big bill in the mail but until I do I’ll be around. 🙂

  4. This is absolutely awesome. “like he was borrowing money for a war
    from some foreign government” – love this line!

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