something special….

i have decided to save up all my anger
for a special occasion
not the usual
   boys and girls club ceo’s $1m salary questioned
   teen pleads not guilty to murder in calif. bonfire case
   ford tries to fend off rivals in cop car market 
   calif. county files suit over toyota defects
   out-of-control’ prius driver has troubled past
   internet agency delays porn decision
   seattle cops stop man with device taped to body
   conservative board oks draft curriculum 
   textbook wars in texas
   republican paid $150g after nude ‘hot-tubbing’
   woman jumping on tracks for bag killed by subway 
   winner of the woods mistress pageant is..
   foot odor at fla. airport may prompt security change
   teacher mauled to death by wolves in alaska
   elderly shunned by society forced to eat dog food
   warfare in the last decade has killed 2 million children
   more than 110,600 iraqis had been killed since the start of the war to april 2009.
   u.s. armed forces death set at 4,379 dead as of february 23, 2010
   birth education control rejected by local community school board  
   child tossed in garbage by teenage parent
the list could go on my friend
but there’s nothing new on this list
these are but thoreaurian moments
the world has created these lists for as long as man can remember
no  i’m saving my anger for
something special…..

15 thoughts on “something special….

  1. Beautiful poem – like the way you made the headlines flow together into poetry. I hope you don’t mind – I think this poem might be inspiring me to write a related poem…

  2. “something special”–I’ve been giving that some thought lately and my short list of specials ain’t pretty–or poetic (yet). Just when are we all going to blow our tops and over what?
    Thought provoking art, slp.

  3. Perhaps wise to remember Stalin’s observation: “A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.” The implication? “Anger turns to indifference as the numbers begin to rise.” So might not ‘holding it’ be little more than capitulation in disguise?

    Just a thought.

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