illusion and/or ship of my childhood…

like all boys do
made from mud and bricks
a dam
to hold back the flood of tears
which fell as rain
from the eyes of angels
so that we might sail our ships
across this ordained
yet demonic sea
ships made from
now forgotten dreams
and small pieces of wood
with sails
of gum wrappers
and string
and when our ships were ready
we began our journey
to lands uncharted
within our minds

31 thoughts on “illusion and/or ship of my childhood…

  1. I really like this. “ships made from now forgotten dreams”
    is a beautiful line. and “made from gum wrappers and string” is a great image. I enoyed this poem very much.

  2. Good morning Charlie,

    I wanted to tell you that the audio is not working in this one.
    Probably you didn’t want to add your voice?

    I just wanted to tell you that.

    Great Poem:)

  3. AH, the audio tease! I’m at work and cannot listen… but when I get home… you and me, we have a date! The poem flows like a child’s toy boat in overflowing gutters after a spring rain.

    “with sails
    of gum wrappers
    and string”


    • Bryan…several people have been unbale to load the audio file…not sure what’s going on…since you said you would help…HELP! I don’t know why is won’t play on some systems but play on mine and other systems…I know very vague question…but that is the level of my knowledge on this…any suggestions?

  4. You’ll probably get bored with me telling you how much I like your poems but have to say I love the flow and imagary in this one. I haven’t had the chance to go through all your old poems yet but it really seems like you’re developing a signature, powerful style in your recent poems! (Not that I am an expert on poetry – just my personal observations.)

  5. Ah, the resonance of this piece with inner child is like a gong crahsed inside a cave.

    Your imagery is fantastic. The flow of the poem manages to be both choppy and smooth, just as the sea the boat in your poem might ride (and, of course, like that great metaphorical ocean we are all riding so precariously on!)

    I look forward to reading more of your work.

    In the words of a dead culture: I dig, man. I dig.

  6. It looks like you’re doing the right thing – but the link isn’t to the correct file (at least now).

    I went back to a post where I linked to audio, and here’s how I did it:

    1. Upload mp3 to WordPress (buying the upgrade that allows posting of audio files)

    2. Link to it to create the audio icon. I linked to mine using the following HTML


    Just replace my http code with the link to your file, and then it should work.

    I’ve found it’s much easier, though, to upload a video. Can you make a basic video with some graphics, a photo, or just the title of the poem, and load the audio over the video? I don’t know the technical terms here… I just play around until it works! Wish I were there to really help! I remember when I posted my audio it took HOURS. My latest vid – that just took about three seconds to post.

    • I just checked the link and it is as you described…could you hear the audio?…Maybe this is just another one of those ship of fools….I really don’t think anyone could tolerate a video of me…but I could add some photos to decrease the pain for the viewers. Thanks for your help…I’ll try another audio tonight.if you get a chance let me know if you can hear it….I feel like that tv commerical…”can you hear me now?”…:-)

  7. This was wonderful. You bring pleasure to us readers.

    Your words of appreciation mean a lot to a beginner like me when I attempt at poetry.

    I now know that you are giving your experienced opinion.

    Thanks Martin!

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