not a single word…

i am not gonna say
a single word
i am going to sit here
and keep my mouth shut
you couldn’t pry
one little word from me
about basketball being more important
than medicare extension
or putting unemployed Kentuckians back to work
no honey
i ain’t gonna say a thing
washington senators
i’m gonna sit here
and watch wheel of fortune
cuz that’s the only way
i’m getting out of this neighborhood
like i said
about how a short-termed white man
is making my life miserable
no honey
not a word will leave these lips
i’m content with the thought
that soon guns will be everywhere
in my neighborhood
cuz you know how us old folks need guns
to keep away teenaged vandals from our door
and honey
with my eye sight
they’ll be lucky
if i can find the damn gun
like i said
not a single
fools who need
to be

18 thoughts on “not a single word…

  1. took a little bit to get the feel of this, quite effective by the end – enjoyed it. Why did you choose to write the poem in this form?

  2. Oh, I got it on the first read and just love it! You make me want to do backflips. You know, if you view the form of the poem as a whole, you get an image of a sword. Words as weapons… and vehicles for the communication of frustration. Dig it. Wouldn’t change a thing.

    Seriously, very cool. Social commentary poems are hard to pull off.

    • Thank you very much Bryan…I was a little nervous about doing that particular poem…but it was in keeping the tradition of poets who came long before me….I will try to do an audio on one of the next poems or maybe one of the old ones…but if I get in trouble with doing it you will get that email…thanks for the offer of assistance.

  3. I like how you combine irony with apathy in this one. Informative links too, with the exception of Wheel of Fortune—though they do have a neat flashy website that is distracting like the show itself lol

    • I would agree about the Wheel of Fortune website…but i hope it matches the tone of the poem in that section of the poem. Thanks for your comments…I enjoy very much hearing from you.

  4. “i’m gonna sit here
    and watch wheel of fortune
    cuz that’s the only way
    i’m getting out of this neighborhood”


    I agree with the folks who commented on the concrete format…the sword image…i saw that too.

    The use of links is so 21st century. I love it.

    I am even more complimented by your recent comments on my poem, having read some of yours. Thanks, Sue

  5. Thanks for your reflections. I like your work and your willingness to put it out there. Keep writing.

  6. I think you got the tone just about right with this one, although perhaps I’d have had the character denoting just a tad less as his own personal commentary to bring out the punch of the final lines (that way the reader doesn’t have quite enough info to guess the ending if you know what I mean)

    Anyhow, forget my thoughts. They’re just ramblings.

    I liked your poem.

  7. I’m sorryy but understood whole of it except

    //i am not gonna say
    a single word//
    Y is that so? 🙄

    Wish I cud get that line it would ve been easy 2 understand why is the person quite?

    silly me lil^10 bad in poetry 😥

    apart from tat the scenario is just soo beautifullyyy depicted 🙂

    • When I was young one of my aunts who was a gossip would say that…then she would proceed to talk for hours about what she wasn’t going to talk about. 🙂 Thanks for reading my poetry.

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