china doll…


once the source of laughter
on a christmas eve 
bringing a child’s face aglow
as if sprinkled with glittery star dust
now homeless
an aging inhuman artifact
unceremoniously wedged between
a copy of modern medicine
and an article on dying with dignity
residing along a deserted road
abandoned with childish disregard
now her constant companions
an old black and white tv
and her well-worn reclining chair
that stand guard over her
as if an attending physician
her eyes are now vacant
so many promises of god’s redemptive grace
yet the steady throbbing of pain
every solar rotation
every eclipse of the sun
the pain remains
she wonders
when does one die
is it when the heart stops
is this

9 thoughts on “china doll…

  1. i love this poem. creates images in my mind. reminds me of my grandmother, most of all. oh, how I miss her. her pain ended when she died. she died singing a hymn. thank you, thank you.

  2. “Unceremoniously wedged between
    a copy of modern medicine
    and an article on dying with dignity…”

    Oh, gorgeous. What a bitter-sweet place to be stuck. And I have a feeling that we all will find ourselves there…at some point.

  3. Hello, slp…

    I’ve been reading your poetry. They are very powerful! 🙂 This one is one of my favorites, so I decided to stop here and comment. I did really like reincarnation, too. But, being of the Hindu-Buddhist leanings, I thought I would keep going… no need to get into controversy over that issue. Maybe next life! lol!

    Oh yeah, I wanted to say that I really like your header image. I’m a visual art person – art school blah blah. I love black and white art. So the image in this post helped create the overall. The poem stands on its own, of course.

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