loneliness is…


the start of a new day
without the sun’s warm rays
it’s the cold wet ground
heavy with the tears of morning
and it’s the ear-ringing silence
which causes the heart to beat with fear
the fear that a love
has gone to stay

12 thoughts on “loneliness is…

  1. I really enjoyed this piece. Not an easy concept to define, yet you manage to through imagery and feeling. Nice work. Thanks.

  2. The art is just amazing. I love it – love how the wall mirrors words. And the poem, in your last line you capture that sickening feeling of loss, of loneliness. Great stuff. Good use of art to magnify your poetry.

  3. which causes the heart to beat with fear

    I can almost feel that dreaded and exaggerated beat the heart experiences with the rush of fear. Fear due to loss, especially loss of love, is always accompanied by loneliness and is the sharpest of all fears.

    Another beautiful piece!


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