11/22 + 4/4

black man laying
     on the court-house steps
staring into dusty dreams
     upon a mind’s shelf
tell me what have you seen
     that gives you hope
what words have your read
      upon that page of your life
that blood has not erased
     with its sudden moves
tell me old man if you can
     what are those words
that remain which are
     unspoken and unbroken
what verb or noun
     gives you hope enough to pray
or even to believe
     that you’ll be free
for even freedom is spelled
      with letters of hate and prejudice
but tell me old man
      what are the words you see
for i would like to make
     a  note of it
along with
     “ask not what your…” and i have a drea…”

12 thoughts on “11/22 + 4/4

  1. I really love your poems. You have a great style of writing and the thoughts are very philosophical. Respect 😉
    By the way, thanks for comments on my blog. It’s nice to know that somebody actually reads them 🙂

  2. another great poem. I like the idea here that a man is still who he is, no matter what has befallen him, even though he’ll get little help from the big-shots, since they’re too busy working on their speeches…..

  3. Wow! This one is so thought provoking. What I love is the that you have almost an ordered structure to this poem, but there is this feel of the words or lines trying to break free of that. Many layers were mentioned and I agree. I keep going back to this poem and reading it over and over. I love the ending as well.

  4. Thanks for the comment on my page. I followed you back to yours and your poetry is great. I am new to posting my poems, so your site is inspirational. Great imagery.

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